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Travel Blog Baltic has unveiled the teaser for a new film-trip about Nagorno Karabakh, the Armenian hospitality and the surprising diversity that the small nation can offer as a tourist destination. The teaser unveils stunning aerial footage of the mountains of Karabakh, the hustle and bustle in the capital, Stepanakert, and the tranquil life in villages, the ever-growing economy, the many unique forms of arts and crafts. But most importantly, it centers around people and their hospitality and skillfulness, dancers and musicians, hikers enjoying the lush forests and rocky cliffs, as well as the safe environment for children. The crew was traveling in the region to shoot their first film-trip, which would help tourists get first-hand information about what to do and what to see, and why it's worth новости 2018 visiting Karabakh if you are traveling in Armenia.

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